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Rectangle We are start today online tutoring about Rectangle. Today “Tutor Dose” is Rectangle. In previous Dose (lesson) we had read about Triangle. We read today in Tutor Dose about Rectangle definition, Type of Rectangle and Formula of Rectangle. This is also very important chapter for point of view of examination. So read this lesson carefully.
Rectangle is a 2D (Two dimensional) shape. Rectangle is a quadrilateral. 


Definition of Rectangle in Easy Words

“A figure which are enclosed by four sides, whose one angle is right angle, called Rectangle.”
Rectangle is a plan two dimensional geometric shape. It has only Length and Breadth.
  • A Rectangle has four sides
    Side : AB, BC, CD and DA
  • Opposite sides are equal in a Rectangle.
    AB = DC
    BC = AD
  • Opposite sides are parallel in a Rectangle.
    AB ।। DC 
    BC ।। AD
  • A Rectangle has four vertex.
    A, B, C and D
  • A rectangle has four angle.
    ∠A or ∠DAB
    ∠B or ∠ABC
    ∠C or ∠BCD
    ∠D or ∠ADC
  • All four angle are right angle.
    ∠A or ∠DAB = 90°
    ∠B or ∠ABC = 90°
    ∠C or ∠BCD = 90°
    ∠D or ∠ADC = 90°
  • Opposite angle are equal in a Rectangle or all angle are equal.
    ∠DAB = ∠ABC = ∠BCD = ∠ADC = 90°
  • Sum of all four angles are 360 degree.
    ∠A + ∠B + ∠C + ∠D = 360°
    ∠DAB + ∠ABC + ∠BCD + ∠ADC = 360°
  • Sum of adjacent angles are 180 degree.
    Adjacent angle of ∠A are ∠B and ∠D
    ∠A + ∠B = 180°
    ∠A + ∠D = 180°
    Adjacent angle of ∠B are ∠A and ∠C
    ∠B + ∠A = 180°
    ∠B + ∠C = 180°
    Adjacent angle of ∠C are ∠B and ∠D
    ∠C + ∠B = 180°
    ∠C + ∠D = 180°
    Adjacent angle of ∠D are ∠A and ∠C
    ∠D + ∠A = 180°
    ∠D + ∠C = 180°
  • A Rectangle has two diagonal.
    AC and BD
  • Both diagonal are equal.
    AC = BD
  • Both diagonal divide each other in to equal parts.
    BO = DO = AO = CO
  • We can say Rectangle is a Parallelogram, because it’s opposite site are equal and parallel. But Parallelogram is not a Rectangle, because all angle is not right angle in Parallelogram.

Important Formula of Rectangle

  • Area of Rectangle = Length × Breadth
    (when length and breadth are given in question and ask for area of Rectangle)
  • Length of Rectangle = \(\displaystyle \frac{{Area}}{{Breadth}}\)

    (when Area and Breadth are given in question and ask for Length of Rectangle)

  • Breadth of Rectangle = \(\displaystyle \frac{{Area}}{{Length}}\)
    (when Area and Length are given in question and ask for Breadth of Rectangle)
  • Diagonal of Rectangle = \(\displaystyle \sqrt{{{{{\left( {Length} \right)}}^{2}}+{{{\left( {Breadth} \right)}}^{2}}}}\)
    (When Length and Breadth are given in question and ask for Diagonal)
  • Perimeter of a Rectangle = 2 × (Length + Breadth)
    (When length and breadth are given in question and ask for Perimeter)
  • Length of Rectangle = \(\displaystyle \frac{{Perimeter}}{2} – Breadth\)
    (When Perimeter and Breadth are given in question and ask for Rectangle Length)
  • Breadth of Rectangle = \(\displaystyle \frac{{Perimeter}}{2} – Length\)
    (When Perimeter and Length are given in question and ask for Rectangle Breadth)

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