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RBSE Solutions Class 4 English Chapter 7 A Railway Station


पाठ – 7
A Railway Station एक रेलवे स्टेशन

Our today topic in free rbse class 4 english book solution rbse class 4 english book solution Chapter 7 A Railway Station. Here We learn about Railway Station Scene. Tarun and Riti went to a Railway station with their father, and what happend there and how to translate it English to Hindi आरबीएसई कक्षा 4 अंग्रेजी की पाठ्यपुस्तक पाठ 7 एक रेलवे स्टेशन हिंदी अनुवाद अर्थ सम्मिलित है।
rbse class 4 english chapter 7 A Railway Station are part of NCERT Solutions Translate English to Hindi for Class 4 English. Here we have given RBSE Solutions for Class 4 Angrgi paath 7 ek railway station. We provide A Railway Station and answer as soon as possible.
Here we solve rbse class 4 english book solution chapter 7 A Railway Station concepts all translate with easy method with expert solutions. It help students in their study, home work and preparing for exam. Soon we provide BSER class 4 english chapter 7 A Railway Station Hindi Translate. rbse 4th class english book solution Angrgi Chapter 7 A Railway Station in free PDF here.

Question and Answer Class 4 English Chapter 7 A Railway Station

Activity – I
A. Answer the following questions :
1. Who were carrying the passenger’s luggage?
Ans – Coolies were carrying the passenger’s luggage.

2. What did Tarun and Riti eat at the railway station?
Ans – Tarun and Riti ate Chips and Popcorn at the railway station.

3. Why did they throw the wrapper into the dustbin?
Ans – They thrown the wrapper into the dustbin because they know that garbage should be thrown in to the dustbin.

4. How many tickets did the father buy? Also tell why?
Ans – The father bought three tickets because for entered in to the platform.

5. Why did they stand at a distance from the track?
Ans – They stood at a distance from the track because of their own safety.

B. Say whether the following statements are true or false :
1. People were not standing a queue.     (F)
2. The TC was checking tickets.     (T)
3. The train was late.     (F)
4. The children bought biscuits.     (F)
5. The coolies were in their uniform.     (T)

C. Write who was/were doing these activities :
Porters were pushing carts.
Vendors were selling poha, chips, etc.
My brother was buying books.
Coolies were carrying luggage.
Hawkers were selling books and magazines.
TC was checking tickets.

Activity – II

A. Fill in the blanks with missing letters :
(a) receive                    (b) luggage
(c) passsenger             (d) departure

B. make meaningful words from the jumbled up letters.
(a) avriral          Arrival
(b) dibustn        Dustbin
(c) bsles            Bless
(d) wgaogn        Wagons

C. Write name for five vehicles. The first letter of each word is given below :
(a) u s          (b) r a i n          (c) i k e          (d) m o t o r          (e) a r

D. Write one word for the following group of words :
1. A person who sells fruits, biscuits, etc : Vendor
2. A person who carries other passengers luggage : Coolies
3. People standing in a long line : Queue
4. An instrument showing time Clock

E. Arrange the following words given in the box according to their order in the dictionary. Write them in your note book :

station, dustbin, eat, ticket, wagon, hawker, buy, train, magazine, green

Ans – buy, dustbin, eat, green, hawker, magazine, station, ticket, train, wagon

Activity – III

Study the following sentences :
1. People were standing in a queue at the booking window.
2. The coolies were carrying passengers’ luggage.
3. The booking clerk was issuing tickets to them.

In the above sentences we notice that the activities were taking place at a certain time in the past. In order to describe the activities taking place in the past we use the past continuous tense with help of was/were + V1 (ing) + …

1. We are sitting in the room. (Affirmative)
Sentences pattern :
S + was/were + v1 (ing) + object ……………………..

2. he was not sitting in the room. (Negative)
S + was/were + not + V1 (ing) + object ……………………

3. Was he sitting in the room. (Interrogative) ?
Was/Were + sub + V1 (ing) + object +………………………. ?

A. Rewrite the sentences according to the detections given in the brackets.

1. (a) He was singing a song. (Affirmative)
  (b) He was not singing a song. (Negative)
  (c) Was he singing a song? (Interrogative)
2. (a) Children were playing in the garden. (Affirmative)
  (b) Children were not playing in the garden. (Negative)
  (c) Were children playing in the garden? (Interrogative)
3. (a) I was doing my home work. (Affirmative)
  (b) I was not doing my home work. (Negative)
  (c) Was I doing my home work? (Interrogative)
4. (a) The were children quarrelling. (Affirmative)
  (b) The children were not quarrelling. (Negative)
  (c) Were the children quarrelling? (Interrogative)
5. (a) The cattle were grazing in the field. (Affirmative)
  (b) The cattle were not grazing in the field. (Negative)
  (c) Were the cattle grazing in the field. (Interrogative)


B. Arrange the words in correct order to make a meaningful sentence.
(a) drinking tea / We / were / at 7.00 a.m.
Ans – We were drinking tea at 7.00 a.m.

(b) The boys / a noise / were / in the class / making.
Ans – The boys were making a noise in the class.

(c) was teaching / The teacher / English / in the class.
Ans – The teacher was teaching English in the class.

(d) Were / playing / the children / Kho-Kho / in the ground?
Ans – The children were playing Kho-Kho in the ground?

(e) What / doing / you / were / when / the phone rang ?
Ans – What were you doing when the phone rang?

Activity – IV

Ask each student to speak two sentences about the activities that he/she and the members of his/her family were doing in the evening yesterday.
(He/She may take help of the words given in the brackets.)
I was doing my homework. My mother was cooking (cook) food. My sister was playing (play) chess. My father was watching (watch) T.V. My  grandfather was singing (sing) hymns. Our servant were arranging things in the drawing room.

Activity – V

Write a paragraph about the activities that were taking place in your school yesterday when you reached there. You may use the words given in the box below.

teacher taking attendance, some boys standing at the gate, boys and girls saying prayer, the headmaster talking to the teachers, the peons cleaning the room, some children playing, some children making a noise.

Ans – Yesterday i went to school at 7:30 A.M. I reached the school. There are many boy and girls were coming in the school. Some boys was standing at the gate for waiting their friends. I entered in to the school. I put my school bag in to the class. Teacher was taking attendance of the class. Then we went for prayer. There are boys and girls were saying prayer. After the prayer the headmaster was talking to the teachers about school reports. When prayer was going on the peon cleaned the all class rooms. In the lunch I went for lunch with my friend. Some children were playing in the garden and some children were making a noise in the class.

Look at the given picture and write 5 sentences about it.
Ans – In the picture which are given above,
1. Some children are playing in the garden.
2. There are some animals and some birds also with them.
3. They are running here and there with these pet animals.
4. A girls are playing with the birds.
5. They are enjoy very much.

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