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RBSE Solutions Class 4 English Chapter 4 A Visit to the Camel Fair of Pushkar | पुष्कर के ऊंट मेले का भ्रमण


पाठ – 4
A Visit to the Camel Fair of Pushkar
पुष्कर के ऊँट मेले का भ्रमण

Our today topic in free rbse class 4 english book solution Chapter 4 A Visit to the Camel Fair of Pushkar (पुष्कर के ऊँट मेले का भ्रमण). Here We learn what is in this chapter how the girl save others life and how to translate it English to Hindi आरबीएसई कक्षा 4 अंग्रेजी की पाठ्यपुस्तक पाठ 4 पुष्कर के ऊँट मेले का भ्रमण हिंदी अनुवाद अर्थ सम्मिलित है।

rbse class 4 english chapter 4 A Visit to the Camel Fair of Pushkar are part of NCERT Solutions Translate English to Hindi for Class 4 English. Here we have given RBSE Solutions for Class 4 Angrgi paath 4 Pushkar ke uont mele ka bhraman. We provide A Visit to the Camel Fair of Pushkar question and answer as soon as possible.

Here we solve rbse class 4 english book solution chapter 4 A Visit to the Camel Fair of Pushkar  concepts all translate with easy method with expert solutions. It help students in their study, home work and preparing for exam. Soon we provide rbse class 4 english chapter 4 A Visit to the Camel Fair of Pushkar Hindi Translate. rbse class 4 english book solution Angrgi Chapter 4 A Visit to the Camel Fair of Pushkar  in free PDF here.

Activity – I
A. Say whether the following statements are True or False :
1. In our state fairs are held throughout the year.     (True)
2. Only local people visited the fair.     (False)
3. Only camels are traded in the fair.     (False)
4. There were shop selling different things in the fair.     (True)
5. People like the camel dance and parade.     (True)

B. Answer the following questions :
1. Where is the temple of Lord Brahmma situated?
Ans – The temple of Lord Brahmma situated in Pushkar, Ajmer. 

2. How many camels are sold and bought in the camel fair of Pushkar?
Ans – Over 25000 camels are sold and bought in the camel fair of Pushkar.

3. Where is the Gangaur fair organized?
Ans – Gangaur fair organized in the Jaipur.

4. Why do people visit the Pushkar Lake?
Ans- People visit the Pushkar Lake because of to take a holy dip in it.

5. Write down what Pushkar is famous for.
Ans – Pushkar is famous for camel fair and for the temple of Brahmma, Pushkar Lake holy dip.

6. Which is the world’s largest fair ?
Ans – Pushkar fair in Ajmer is world’s largest fair in the world.

Activity – II
A. Match the words in column A with their meaning in column B :

native well known
came back held
followers charming
famous  devotees 
organized  returned 
attractive  of one’s own country 

Ans –

native  of one’s own country 
came back  returned 
followers  devotees
famous well known
organized  held 
attractive  charming 

B. Complete the blanks by filling in the missing letters :

1. fair 2. people 3. circus 
4. garden  5. moustache 6. parade 

C. Choose the words from the box and fill in the blank in each sentence :

traded,          foreign,          famous,          city,          competitions

1. Pushkar is known as a city of temple.
2. Lots of camels are traded in the Pushkar fair.
3. Jodhpur is a famous historical city.
4. Many competitions are held during the tournaments.
5. Lots of foreign as well as native visitors visit the Pushkar fair every year.

D. Arrange the letters in correct order to form meaningful words :

ceaml Camel 
wmoen Women
viist Visit
dnaec Dance
Tepmel Temple

Activity – III
A. Study the following sentence.
1. The camel fair of Pushkar is held on Kartik Purnima every year.
2. Cultural shows, and exhibitions are also organized in this fair.

In these above sentences the objects are focus of our attention rather than the subject (doer). The sentence in which the object comes at the place of the subject is in the passive voice. The above sentences are in the present simple passive voice.
The pattern of the passive sentence is ………………………………. ?
Sub (obj.) + is/am/are + mvIII + (by +agent (doer/subject)

B. Write sentence with the help of the given words.
road / repaired / every year.
Example – Roads are  repaired every year.

1. vegetables / sold / in the market everyday.
Ans – Vegetables are solf in the market everyday.

2. streets / cleaned / every day morning.
Ans – Streets are cleaned every day morning.

3. English / spoken / in the world.
Ans – English is spoken in the world.

4. trees / watered / in the garden.
Ans – Trees are watered in the garden.

5. houses / decorated / on the Deepawali day.
Ans – Houses are decorated on the Deepawali day.

6. clothes / sewn / by the tailors.
Ans – Clothes are sewn by the tailors.

7. tea / prepared / by my servant.
Ans – Tea are prepared by my servant.

8. a book / written by an author.
Ans – A book is written by an author.

9. the library / opened daily.
Ans – The library is opened daily.

C. Write the correct form of each verb given in bracket.
1. Food are cooked (cook) by my mother.
2. Houses are whitewashed ar Deepawali.
3. Many things are sold (sell) in the market.
4. Houses are build (build) with bricks and cement.
5. Rubbish are throw (throw) into a dustbin.
6. Thieves are caught (catch) by the police.

Activity – IV
A. Speak out one word for the group of the words spoken by the teacher, the first letter of the world is given.
1. A big town: City.
2. The city of temples : Pushkar.
3. Twelve months make a : Year.
4. Camels, horses, oxen, cows : Livestock.
5. Boys, girls, babies etc : Children.
6. Belonging to our country : Native.

B. Speak the words aloud after your teacher

1. let late
2. sell sail/sale
3. fell fail
4. hell hail/tale
5. tell tail/tale
6. men main
7. get gait
8. pen pain
9. bell bail/bale
10. wet wait/weight

Ans – Students speak with their teacher.

Activity – V
You live in sundargram village, Every year a fair is held near your village. Write sentences in a paragraph. You may take help of the hints given below.
1. Name of your village ………………
2. The place where the fair was held ………………
3. How did you reach the fair? (by bus/by train)
4. With whom did you go to visit the fair?
5. What did you see there at the fair?
6. What did you see there at the fair?
7. What did the shops sell? (many things)
8. What were the people doing? (buying, toys, sweets, clothes, pots and pans, fruits, many others things.)
9. Name the things of entertainment there in the fair (circus, merry-go-rounds, puppet shows, dances)
10. What did you buy? (toys, sweets)
11. When and how did you return home? (In the evening, by bus)

Ans – My village name is Sungargram. It is locate in Ajmer, Rajasthan. Last year a fair hold in a city which is near my village. I went there with my family. We reached in the fair by bus. After 1 hour we reached there. There are many shops in the fair like toys, sweets, clothes etc. There are a lot of people. The people were dressed very well and colourful. There are many shops, which are selling many things. People were visiting here and there in the fair and buy different types of toys, sweets, clothes, pots and pans, fruits, many others things. There are many entertainment things for children and others like circus, merry-go-rounds, puppet shows, dances. I brought clothes, some toys and sweets. After the whole fair visited we felt some tried some we returned home at evening by bus.

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