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One Word Substitution (Definition of One Word, Most Important One Word Substitution)


One Word Substitution

Most Important One Word Substitution

Definition of One Word – A word that is used in place of a group of several words. 
It is truly said that Ramesh is a Psychologist. Instead of saying “Ramesh is  a scientist who studies the mind and the way that people behave. This expression is more powerful. We can express it is easy way a thing in many words but it is difficult to use one word for many words.

Age between 13 to 19 year – Teenage
A person who do drink – Teetotaler
A person who knows many languages – Legible
A written declaration of Govt. or a political party – Manifesto
A body through which light can’t pass – Opaque
A man of traditional belief – Orthodox
A child born after the death of its father – Posthumous
A woman whose whose husband is dead – Widow
A man whose wife is dead – Widower
A place where birds and animals are kept – Zoo
A body through which light can pass – Transparent
A person who always looks to the dark side of a thing – Pessimist
A person who always looks to the bright side of a thing – Optimist
A place where bees live and store honey – Hive
A person who acts as a judge in a game – Umpire
A person who kills animals and sells their meat – Butcher
A musical instruments which is played by blowing – Trumpet
A chart of person’s planetary position used for telling future – Horoscope
A building on edge of the playground used by players – Pavilion
A place of worship of the Hindu – Temple
A place of worship of muslim – Mosque
A highly skilled mechanic – Technician
A place for keeping and feeding horse – Stable
A person who make things in large scale – Manufacturer
A hundred run or year – Century
A symbol or device that represent something – Emblem
A system of marrying many women – Polygamy
An attempt to rouse public – Campaign
An act of undergoing chemical change through the action of organic bodies – Fermentation
An electronic device capable of doing calculation in a very short time – Computer
One who can neither read nor write – Illiterate
One who doesn’t believe in God – Atheist
One who lives fruits and vegetables only – Vegetarian
One who belongs to another country – Foreigner
One who welcome visitors – Receptionist
One who is against the religion – Heretic
One who eat human flesh – Cannibal
One who live at the same time – Contemporary
One who is more hundred year old – Centenarian 
One who given to pleasure of the flesh – Epicure
One who lives on others – Parasite
One who is settles in another country – Immigrant
One who know many language – Polyglot
One who deals in cattle – Drover
One who cut precious stones – Lapidot
One who care eye disease – Oculist 
One who sells sweets and pastries – Confectioner
One who loads and unloads ships –  Stevedore
One who retires from society to live a solitary life – Recluse
One who pretends to be what he is not – Hypocrite
A numbers of sheep – Flock
A collection of flags – Bunting
A number of stars grounded together – Constellation
The house of a Arab – Dower
A factory for manufacturing of beers – Brewery
A place for the collection of dried plants – Herbarium
A case in which the sword is kept – Sheath
Free from infection – Immune
The Science of colors – Chromatics
The dead body of a animals – Carcass
The Science of structure of human body – Anatomy
The art of effective speaking – Elocution
The study of Rocks and soils – Geology
The study of mountains – Orology
The study of origin and history of words – Etymology
The study of ancient writing – Paleography
That which is inherited from ancestors – Heritage, Ancestral
The life story of a person written by himself – Autobiography
That which is incapable of being approached – Inaccessible
That which can not be read – Illegible
Substance having power to destroy germs – Germicide
Birds which move from one country to another – Migratory
Remains of old animals or plants inside a rock/earth – Fossils
Money demanded to free someone – Ransom
Heavenly bodies like earth, mars, Venus, Jupiter that move around the sun – Planet
Shelter or house where birds live and lay eggs – Nest
Selection of a person for some post by voting – Election
Money, food etc. given to the poor – Alms
Money paid to laborer’s for their work – Wages
Something strange or unusual – Peculiar
Something given for a noble – Sacrifice
Sliding down of a mass of a mass of earth, mountain etc – Landslide
People, who have the legal right to vote to elect their representative – Voters
Natural ability to acquire knowledge – Aptitude
Something kept wuth the money lender as guarantee to get money – Security

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