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Homophones You come across two words – ‘herd’ and ‘heard’ Did you notice what is special about them? They have different spellings and different meanings but they are spoken the same way That is, there is no difference in their pronunciation Such words are called ‘homophones’.


Homophones are words that sound the same but have different spellings are different meanings. These types words called homophones.
Homophones are words that sound similar but have different spellings and different meanings. To use the correct word in the given context, one must be aware of the subtle difference in meanings.

A pair of homophones is given within the brackets for each of the sentences below. Select suitable word to complete the sentences.

Example of Homophones

Affect and Effect

Both have similar meanings but are used differently.
The movie had a good effect on the audience. (Effect is a noun- what did the movie have? It had an effect (noun)
The movie affected the audience in a positive way. (Affect is a verb – what did the movie do? it affected the audience (verb)

Some More

30 Examples of Homophones Word List With Meaning

Homophones Hindi Translate Meaning
Aye सवैदा (Noun) an affirmative answer or assent, especially in voting.
I मैं (Pronoun) Used to refer to oneself as speaker or writer.
Eye आँख (Noun) one of the two organs of your body that you use to see with
(Verb) to look at somebody/something closely
Abel हाबिल (Noun) the second son name of Adam and Eve
Able समर्थ (Adjective) having the power, skill, means, or opportunity to do something.
accede मान लेना (Verb) agree to a demand, request, or treaty.
exceed सीमा पर करना (Verb) be greater in number or size than (a quantity, number, or other measurable thing).
accept स्वीकार करना (Verb) consent to receive (a thing offered).
except सिवाय (Preposition) not including; other than.
(Conjunction) used before a statement that forms an exception to one just made.
(Verb) specify as not included in a category or group; exclude.
Access पहुँच (Noun) a means of approaching or entering a place.
(Verb) approach or enter (a place).
Excess अतिरिक्त (Noun) an amount of something that is more than necessary, permitted, or desirable.
(Adjective) exceeding a prescribed or desirable amount.

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