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Graphing Programs for Math, online graphing software today here we learn about some most important Mathematics Software. These Math Software for Teachers and Mathematics Software for Students. These Graphing programs for math are very useful for us. These Math software help both Teachers and Students. Then let’s start to know about these software.

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Representing another major milestone in a unique journey spanning 30+ years, Mathematica significantly extends the reach of Mathematica and introduces many innovations that give all Mathematica users new levels of power and effectiveness. Fully deployable on desktop, cloud, mobile and embedded systems, Version lets anyone immediately use the latest multiparadigm data science and machine learning, work with blockchains and seamlessly access the full Wolfram Knowledgebase or custom databases—either directly in interactive notebooks or through deployed APIs and external languages.

Wolfram Mathematica Features

  • Networks computing, geometry, data science, images, visualization, etc. 


  • Powerful algorithms and capable of handling large-scale problems. 
  • Computational photography (image processing). 
  • Real-time spellchecker for 25 languages. 
  • Support for random matrices & time series. 
  • Geographics, entities, maps etc. 
  • Import and print 3D models to 3D printers. 
  • Powerful machine learning functionality. 
  • Hundreds of new functions and improvements. 
  • Array of visualizations and optimization. 
  • Audio synthesis, processing, and analysis. 
  • A wide range of dimensions, computing environments and workflows. 
  • Sophisticated & interactive visualizations and rich publication formats. 
  • Thousands built-in functions covering all areas of technical computing.
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2. MathType

Type and handwrite mathematical notation with MathType. Easily include quality math equations in your documents and digital content. The popular equation editor for Microsoft Word has been updated. The new online version of MathType is also seamlessly integrated into Google Docs. Stop relying on cumbersome built-in math tools. Use MathType for a unified quality experience with all your digital solutions… word processors, presentation software, LMS platforms, assessment tools, and more.
When you’re ready to sit down and write a scientific or technical paper, a test, a slide presentation, or where ever you want to include math notation, you’re empowered with MathType. Open MathType on your computer or device and you have everything at your fingertips to do your work fast, easy and efficiently. With MathType you can: Point-and-click, handwrite, use keyboard shortcuts, insert equation numbers, use color, choose fonts, control spacing.

Features of MathType

Below are some amazing features you can experience after installation of MathType Free Download please keep in mind features may vary and totally depends if your system support them.

  • Save frequently used equations and symbols in customizable toolbars


  • Set MathType preferences to quickly change from one “look” to another for different types of documents
  • Setup personal keyboard shortcuts
  • Copy or convert to LaTeX
  • You can now have quality everywhere. Choose the classic MathType look or the LaTeX look. Control spaces in your expressions down to the pixel.
  • Mathematical notation is rich and changes among different cultures; MathType supports mathematical notation for different education levels and cultures.
  • Accessibility is a must for any quality solution. MathType helps reader’s access scientific content, and it helps authors create accessible scientific content.
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3. Efofex FX MathPack


​Efofex FX MathPack is a tool that has been developed for the Maths teachers. With this complete practical school package you can create graphs, produce statistics and calculate mathematical expressions. Mathematical computation becomes very easy and it can be used for creating test sheets and project graphs. FXdraw, FXEquation, FXStat and FXGraph and each one of them can be used foe making the process of calculating functions and graph creation a simple task.
This pack will let you install the components from a single pack and also lets you select the applications which you want to skip. ​Efofex FX MathPack has got an intuitive interface and it will let you draw statistics, distribution curves and graphic representations of curves easily. Complex mathematical functions can also be created which many text editors can’t support. It has got some specialized tools which are FX Draw, FX Equation and FX Graph. FX draw will let you create shapes as well as freeform drawings on the mathematics paper grid. It will also let you generate graphs, illustrations and diagrams. FX Equation will let you create complex mathematical equations which includes integrals, scientific notations, fractions, summation and power or roots. FX Graph can be used for creating graphs and FX Stat is a tool used for generating statistics graphs or tables. All in all ​Efofex FX MathPack is an amazing application which is ideal for teachers and students for exploring advanced math functions.

Features of Efofex FX MathPack

Below are some noticeable features which you’ll experience after Efofex FX MathPack Trial download.

  • Impressive tool developed for Maths teachers.


  • Complete package for creating graphs, producing statistics and calculating mathematical expressions.
  • Mathematical computations becomes very easy.
  • Efofex FX MathPack has got an intuitive interface.
  • Complex mathematical functions can also be created which many text editors can’t support.
  • Got 4 impressive tools FX Draw, FX Equation, FX Graph and FX Stat.
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