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BSER Class 5 English Chapter 1 We Shall Overcome

BSER Solutions
Class – 5
Subject – English
Chapter – 1
We Shall Overcome

Activity – I
A. Choose the correct alternative :
1. According to the poet what makes us free ?

a.  courage

b.  victory 

c.  peace

d.  truth                   (     d     ) 

2. What does ‘hand in hand’ mean in the song ?

a.  walking down the street 

b.  unitedly

c.  a parade

d.  making a trip       (     b     )

3. What does ‘deep in my heart’ mean ?

a.  what I sometimes hope

b.  what I strongly fee 

c.  what I think

d.  what I like            (     b     ) 

B. Say whether the following statements are True or False.
1. We shall overcome. (T)
2. We’ll walk separately. (F)
3. The truth shall make us free someday. (T)

C. Answer the following questions.
1. Why does the poet say, ‘We are not afraid ?’
Answer – The poet say, ‘We are not afraid’ because he believe he overcome.

2. Which line in the song tells you that the poet is not living peacefully at present ?
Answer – When the poet say in poem “we shall live in peace someday.”

3. How do you feel when you sing this song ?
Answer – I feel so good and this poem inspires me a lot.

Activity – II
Fill in the blanks with suitable words from the box.
(overcome, afraid, truth, peace)
1. I always speak the truth.
2. In the ‘Tricolor’ white colour stands for peace.
3. A thief is always afraid of the police.
4. With confidence, we can overcome our fears.

Activity – III
Stand in a circle holding your hands together and sing this song aloud.
We shall overcome
We shall overcome …
Answer – Do yourself with the help of your parents or teachers.

Activity – IV
This poem, which is in the form of a song, inspires us to face a tough situation with courage. A number of such songs, slogans and poems were written to inspires our freedom fighters when they were fighting for the freedom of our motherland from the British rule. Make a list of any ten such songs or slogans. For example, ‘Vande Mataram’.
Answer – (i) ‘Jay Jawan Jay Kishan’
(ii) ‘Tum Mujhe Khoon do Main Tumhe Aazadi Dunga’
(iii) ‘Inqlaab Zindabaad’
(iv) ‘Saare Jahan se Achha Hindustha Hamara’
(v) ‘Jai Hind’
(vi) ‘Aaram Haram Hai’
(vii) ‘Sawraaj Mera Janmsiddh Adhikaar Hai’
(viii) ‘Satyamev Jayate’
(ix) ‘Sarfarosi ki Tamanna ab Hamare Dil me hai’
(x) ‘Karo Ya Maro’

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