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BSER Class 4 English Chapter 3 A Brave Tribal Girl


पाठ – 3
A Brave Tribal Girl
एक बहादुर आदिवासी लड़की

Our today topic in free rbse class 4 English book solution Chapter 3 A Brave Tribal Girl (एक बहादुर आदिवासी लड़की). Here We learn what is in this chapter how the girl save others life and how to translate it English to Hindi आरबीएसई कक्षा 4 अंग्रेजी की पाठ्यपुस्तक पाठ 3 एक बहादुर आदिवासी लड़की हिंदी अनुवाद अर्थ सम्मिलित है।

rbse class 4 english chapter 3 A Brave Tribal Girl are part of NCERT Solutions Translate English to Hindi for Class 4 English. Here we have given RBSE Solutions for Class 4 Angrgi paath 3 ek aadivasi badur ladki. We provide A Brave Tribal Girl question and answer as soon as possible.

Here we solve rbse class 4 english book solution chapter 3 A Brave Tribal Girl  concepts all translate with easy method with expert solutions. It help students in their study, home work and preparing for exam. Soon we provide rbse class 4 english chapter 3 A Brave Tribal Girl Hindi Translate. rbse class 4 english book solution Angrgi Chapter 3 TA Brave Tribal Girl  in free PDF here.

Activity – I
A. Answer the following questions :
1. Who did not like Ritu?
Ans – Seema did not like Ritu.

2. Where did Seema take her cows and buffaloes?
Ans – Seema took her cows and buffaloes to the jungle.

3. What attacked Seema? Who saved her?
Ans – Python attacked on Seema. Ritu saved her.

4. What did Seema say to Ritu?
Ans – Seema said to Ritu, I am sorry. I was very rude to you.

5. What award did Ritu?
Ans – She was awarded for bravery.

6. Why were there tears in Seema’s eyes?
Ans – Seema was very rude to Ritu still Ritu saved her life so there were tears in Seema”s eye.

B. Say weather the following statements are True or False :
1. Seema did not have cows and buffaloes.  (False)
2. Ritu was rich.  (False)
3. Seema saw Ritu under a tree.  (True)
4. Ritu first heard the sound: Hissss….  (False)
5. The python coiled around cow’s legs.  (False)

C. Read the lesson and answer the following questions in the format given below the questions.
1. Who was brave and beautiful?
Ans – Ritu was brave and beautiful.

2. How was the grass in that place?
Ans – There was thick grass in that place.

3. Who was frightened?
Ans – Seema was frightened.

4. How did she fight with the python?
Ans – She fought with very bravery with the python. She caught the python’s head and fought with it.

5. Who got the bravery award?
Ans – Ritu got the bravery award.

Q. No. Paragraph No. Line No. From …… to ……
1. 2 2 She ….. beautiful.
2. 5 2 There ….. place.
3. 6 2 Seema ….. frightened.
4. 10 1 She ….. hands.
5. 15 1 She ….. bravey.

Activity – II
A. Fill in the blanks with missing letters :
(a) frighten          (b) bravery
(c) python            (d) coil

B. Arrange the jumbled letters :
(a) gasrs = grass          (b) sfae = safe
(c) aawy = away           (d) fsat = fast

C. Fill in the blanks using the words given in the box below :

fast,     python,      worry,      award,      bravery

1. Don’t worry I am always with you.
2. A tiger runs very fast.
3. Maharana Pratap is known for his bravery all over the country.
4. Charu saw a python in the zoo.
5. Saroj got an award in the drawing competition in our school.

D. Write down two words starting with each of the following letters example :

1. b ball, bank
2. r ray, right
3. a apple aircraft
4. v vehicle very
5. e elephant ear
6. r railways risk
7. y yalk young

Activity – III

A. Study the following sentence carefully :
Seema’s family was not very poor.
She went to another place.
Now using the underlined words, we can make new sentence.
For Examples :
Seema was not very poor.
1. Rohan was not in the class.
2. The road was not clean.
She went to another place.
1. They went to the karnimata fair.
2. Neeta went to meet her uncle.
1. Seema did not like her.
          a. Seema did not work hard.
          b. Seema like her.
2. There was a big python.
          a. There was a jungle.
          b. There is a big market.
3. Ritu used all her force to throw the python away.

          a. I used my mind to study.
          b. We used to work daily.
4. There were tears in her eyes
a. There are two big plane.
b. You were going to school.
5. She got the bravery award for children.
a. He got highest marks.
b. They got medal in sports.

B. Rewrite the following paragraph using proper capital letters.
“don’t worry”, said ritu. She struck blow after blow on the python. but the python did not leave seema. ritu, then threw away the stick.
Ans – “Don’t worry”, said Ritu. She struck after blow on the python. But the python did not leave Seema. Ritu, then threw away the stick.

Activity – IV
A. Pronounce the following words correctly :

village,          college,          knowledge

1. buffaloes, cows, family, beautiful.
2. pain, rain, train, main, drain, sprain, plain.
3. walked, talked washed, missed, wished, watched.
4. sound, ground, bound, found.
5. thick, tic, pick, sick, wick.
6. took, look, book, shook, wool, fool, good, cook, food, tool, school.
Ans – Students do themselves in loud voice.

B. Listen to the rhyme recited by the teacher. Then speak it after the teacher :
Little drops of water,
Ans little grains of sand,
Make this earth a mighty ocean,
And a pleasant land.
Little act of kindness,
And little words of love,
Make this earth Eden,
Like the heaven above.
Ans – Student do themselves with you teacher.

C. Answer the following questions orally :
1. Who is your best friend?
Ans – My best friend is Aryan.

2. What is his/her father’s name?
Ans – His father’s name is Mr. Ravi Shankar.

3. What is his/her mother’s name?
Ans – His mother’s name is Mrs. Maya.

4. Speak a few words about his/her mother’s qualities.
Ans – His mother is a teacher. She cooks food very tasty. She is very humble and kind. She always help poor people.

5. How does he/she help you?
Ans – He help me in the study. He teaches me when i got low marks.

6. How do you help him/her?
Ans – I also help him during study and i learn him how to play football.

D. Here is a list of words made from the letters of the word ‘holiday’

1. daily 2. laid 3. idol 4. idly
5. lady 6. hold 7. only 8. load
9. dial 10. day 11. holy 12 hay

Now make as many as words using the letters of the words ‘another’ and ‘great’ –
from word ‘another’ –

1. Anther 2. hornet 3. throne 4. thenar
5. north 6. neat 7. hater 8. tenor
9. heart 10. earth 11. other 12. earn
13.  14. hear 15. tear 16. heat

from word ‘great’ –

1.grate 2. rage 3. rate 4. tear
5. era 6. rat 7. get 8. ear
9. tea 10. tag 11. art 12. age

Activity – V
1. Work in pairs and write a paragraph of five lines about any brave person of your area. begin like this Mr/Mrs is a brave ………………….. of my town. One day some thieves came to our village. He/She ran after them. The villagers also chased, caught and handed them over to police.
Ans – Mr. Mohan is a brave man of my town. One day some thieves came to our village. He ran after them. He caught them and beat them. The villagers also chased, caught and handed them over to police.

2. Collect pictures of some brave persons of Rajasthan and paste them on a chart. Display them on a chart. Display the chart in your classroom.
Ans Do yourself.

3. Draw a picture of a soldier of our Indian army and colour it.
Ans – Do yourself.

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