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BSER Class 4 English Chapter 1 A Thank You Prayer

BSER Solutions
Class – 4
Subject – English
Chapter – 1
A Thank You Prayer

Activity – I

A. Answer the following questions :

1. Whom does the poet thank in this poem ?
Ans. The poet thank the God in this poem.

2. Why does the poet thank God in this poem ?
Ans. The poet thank God in this poem because God gives us everything we want.

3. With whom do you run and play ?
Ans. With friends we run and play.

4. What help does the poet want from God ?
Ans. The poet want help us to always thankful be.

B. Say whether the following statement are True or False :
1. Our parents take care us. (True)
2. God gives us everything we want. (True)
3. The port says thanks you five times in the poem. (False)
4. We should thank God for the sun and rain. (true)
5. We should thank our parents only for all the things in the world. (False)

Activity – II

A. Fill in the blanks with the correct words given in the box :
(to breathe, to eat, to see, to wear, to hear, to walk)
1. We have eyes to see.
2. My mother gives me food to eat.
3. My father brings clothes to wear.
4. We have ears to hear.
5. God gives us air to breathe.
6. I use my feet to walk.

B. Write one word for group of words given below :
1. A place where we live in : home.
2. The children with whom you run and play : football.
3. The supreme being in the world : God.
4. The part of the day when we can’t see the sun : night.

C. Write the opposites of the words given in brackets :
1. We should never get up late. (always)
2. The sun shines in day. (night)
3. Please give me your pencil. (take)
4. God give us all the things. (takes)
5. He is my father. (mother)

D. Read the following phrase :
1. eyes and ears
2. hands and feet
In the above example the two words have been joined with the word ‘and’. The word ‘and’ is used to join two words (nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives etc.)
Now select appropriate words from column A and B then join them with ‘and’. Then write them in the column C.




1. day


1. day and night

2.. the sun


2. the sun and the moon

3. son

the moon

3. son and daughter

4. father


4. father and mother

5. husband


5. husband and wife

6. sister


6. sister and brother

7. bread


7. bread and butter

8. black


8. black and white

E. Study the following words from the poem :
eyes, ears, hands, clothes,
The above words refer to two or more than two things/objects/persons and they are called the plural form of singular nouns i.e. eye, ear, hand, cloth. They have been made plural with the addition of ‘s’ or ‘es’ to them. Similarly ‘feet’ is the plural form of ‘foot’ and likewise ‘teeth’ is the plural form of ‘tooth’
Now write some other words having plural forms from the poem.
1. Friend = Friends
2. I = We
3. House = Houses
4. Food = Foods

Also write the plural forms of the nouns.
1. tooth = teeth
2. foot = feet
3. night = nights
4. day = days
5. hand = hands
6. nose = noses
7. finger = fingers
8. child = children 
9. ray = rays
10. answer book = answer books
11. toe = toes
12. shoe = shoes

Activity – III

A. The teacher recites the following poem and students listen to it carefully. Then they read the poem together and will answer the questions given below :
I am thankful for the sunshine bright,
For the rain and for the stars at night,
I am thankful for each flower and tree,
And all the beauty that I see,
I am grateful for kind friends and true.
Help me to be a good friend too.

1. To whom is the poet thankful/grateful ?
Ans. The poet thank the God in this poem.

2. For what things is the poet grateful/thankful to ?
Ans. The poet thank God in this poem because God gives us everything we want.

3. What’s the poet’s wish in the poem ?
Ans. The poet want help us to always thankful be.

4. How do you feel when your friend helps you ?
Ans. I feel always thankful to my friend.

Activity – IV

A. Given below are a few incomplete sentences. Complete them by filling in the blanks.
1. I thank my father for 
    (a) house    (b) clothes

2. I thank my mother for
    (a) care    (b) cook food

3. I thank grandfather for
    (a) telling story    (b) playing with us

4.I thank my friend(s) for
    (a) help me    (b) play with me

5. I thank my teacher for
    (a) teach us    (b) guide us

Activity – V

Prepare a chart regarding the things ‘He’ (God) has given to us. Now display it in the class and read it.

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