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Antonyms Antonym Definition and Antonyms Examples Synonyms and Antonyms Series Antonym – Synonyms and antonyms series for kids we start today in and others learners to build up their vocabulary. Before antonyms was known by opposite words. But now almost all us the word antonyms. Here we learn important antonyms and antonyms examples. Kids can easily learn this chapter by antonyms examples. The all many word in this list, but we try to learn you important antonyms to build up vocabulary.

Here we learn antonyms definition and antonyms examples. It is very easy chapter to get full marks in exam. Today times antonyms very useful also in daily routine.
First we start from antonym definition and know what is Antonym?

Antonym Definition

A word which are opposite meaning to another word, called Antonyms.
Like Day – Night, Morning – Evening etc.

Here important antonyms examples are given for kids –





Day Night Now Then
New Old Even Odd
Take Give Morning Evening
In Out Wise Foolish
Earn Spend Roof Floor
Before After Kind Cruel
Alone Together Thin Thick
Much Little Polite Rude
Victory Defeat Many Few
Attack Defend Vice Virtue
Patient Impatient Whole Part
Without With Slow Fast
Love Hate Full Empty
Catch Throw Public Private
Awake Asleep Forgive Blame
Tiny Giant/Huge Angel Devil
Beauty Ugliness Broad Narrow
Demand Supply Literate Illiterate
Everybody Nobody Everything Nothing
Separate Unite/Mix Spring Autumn
Permit Forbid Friend Enemy
Wide Narrow Married Bachelor
Niece Nephew Expensive Cheap
Exit Entrance Common Rare/Unique
Vowel Consonant Teach Learn
Notice Ignore Noon Midnight
Already Not Yet Hidden Obvious
Lack Plenty Visible Invisible
Outdoor Indoor Release Trap
Freeze Melt Divide Unite
Often Seldom Native Foreigner
Forward Backward Add Subtract
Happy Sad Above Below
Ugly Beautiful Teacher  Student
Dark Light Sink Float/Rise
Fat Skinny Top Bottom
Wet Dry Over Under
White Black Tame Wild
Rich Poor True False
Begin End Open Close
Cold Hot Girl Boy
More Less Hard Soft
Right Wrong Light Heavy
High Low Rough Smooth
Better Worse First Last
Sell Buy Sweet Sour
Start Stop Birth Death
Lie Truth Clean Dirty
Long Short Stop Go
Lost Found Teacher Student
On Off East West
Win Lose Quick Slow
Young Old Find Loss
Present Accident Intent
All None Fat Thin
Easy Difficult Ancient Modern
Joy Sorrow Punish Reward
Moral Immoral Niece Nephew
Horse Mare agile awkward
Near Far    

Some more Important Antonym

In the above part we read and learn about some common antonyms for kids. Now we read some more antonyms for a big exam and some difficult antonyms. Like accessible antonym unreachable, delight antonyms dismay
We are reading synonyms and antonyms series

Here we are given some more important antonyms examples below –

Accessible Unreachable Delight Dismay
liability assets depressed Cheerful
Fear Confidence Beauty Hag
Accomplishment failure Achieve fail

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